Create ‘n Make downloads give you:

  • Full, detailed instructions for 4 items that list everything you need - no unusual items required
  • Easy-to-use templates - you don't need to be able to draw
  • Extra ideas for activities and games with each package

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Create ’n Make - fun, easy to make arts and crafts for kids


What would you like be today?

A knight, fairy or pirate? Where would you like to take your play game to? A Carribean island?

You can make items to help your imaginative play with Create 'n Make.

Themes are in A-Z order and include the following...

Animals, Butterflies, Carribean, Fairies, Fairy Tales, Football, Knights and Castles, Numbers, People Who Help Us, Pirates, Space and Transport

All downloads are only £2.95 each. The photos below show samples of what three of the finished items will look like. More themes coming soon... Dinosaurs, Weather and more!


Pretend you're a lion by making this cute lion mask, make a monkey door hanger for your bedroom or why not try making this friendly pull-along crocodile? There's also instructions for a snake puppet too.

Animals - lion mask, crocodile and monkey door hanger


Make this cute caterpillar out of pom poms, a simple beautiful butterfly picture with paints and a butterfly mobile to hang up. There's also the recipe to make yummy butterfly cakes.

Butterflies - Caterpillar, Picture and Mobile


How fantastic would it be to go to a Caribbean island? Well you could pretend by making a grass skirt and a pretty flower garland to wear and imagine that you're there. Then you can relax with a fruit smoothie (recipe included) and make this cute turtle. The download also has suggestions for other Caribbean games and activities.

Caribbean - flower garland, grass skirt and turtle


Want to be a fairy today? This download is perfect for everything you'll need to dress up to be one - wings, tiara and a wand. There's also a toadstool to make which you can keep your fairy things in too.

Fairies - wand, tiara and toadstool

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Fairy Tales

Imagine being Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, a King or a Queen from one of the many fairy tales - have fun making a crown or princess hat, Red Riding Hood's basket or a Gingerbread Men garland.

Fairy Tales - Red Riding Hood's basket, crown and gingerbread men garland


For all football fans - whether your team is Chelsea, Liverpool or Swansea make some great football things including a blow football game, Premiership table, a team shield and finger footie figures!

Football - Premiership Table, Team Shield and Finger Footie Figures

Knights and Castles

How would you like to be a brave knight with a sword and your own specially designed shield? This download includes how to make these items, plus a castle tower and a fearsome dragon!

Knights and Castles - shield, castle and dragon


Numbers are used on lots of things - make a clock, a money box to help keep your money safe and a pretend mobile phone which has a secret index inside to keep phone numbers on. Plus there's instructions how to make a Snake and Ladders game.

Numbers - clock, mobile phone and money box

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People Who Help Us

Lots of people help us include doctors, nurses, teachers policemen and firemen. This download shows you how to make a fire engine, a policeman, a lollipop stick and a stethoscope.

People Who Help Us - Fire Engine, Policeman, Lollipop Stick and Stethoscope


Ahoy all you little pirates - this download includes everything you need to be one - a hat, sword and a telescope. The download also includes pirate games and how to make a chest to keep your treasure in!

Pirates - hat, telescope and sword


Do you believe in UFOs and Space Aliens? You can have fun making these with this download. Also included are the instructions for how to make a Space Shuttle and a Rocket

Space - Space Shuttle, Rocket and Alien


Which mode of transport would you like to go on today? You can make four great transport models - a racing car, a bus, a boat and an aeroplane. Have fun!

Transport - bus, racing car and boat

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